Monday, December 21, 2015

Hey Family,
See you soon.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

Dec 20th Cont.
(Mom didn't see this and was a tiny upset)

Just kidding, I will say a little more than that.
We have our Christmas Conference tomorrow so I will find out tomorrow if your packages have arrived or not.
If I can't speak English, no making fun of me is allowed. I have had quite enough Chileans making fun of me for my gringo accent.

On Friday we had the baptism of Francisco Lara and it was super spiritual. By far one of favorite days of my mission. He asked me to baptize him and the Spirit was so strong. Plus Mario Navia, our other recent convert, gave a talk about baptism that was just stupendous. Next Saturday Emmanuel will get baptized too. We finally got permission from his mother. Daniela is more receptive now too. We have a few other investigators but not all of them are progressing very rapidly but even slow progress is better than none.

I miss snow. Brown Christmases are just not the same. I slept without covers last night because it was so hot!

You will have to explain why the Bybees are in Maui when we talk later. Anyway. Saturday we had several Christmas activities and none of them went according to plan... I will explain later. 

Love you guys. Regocijad, Jesús nació. (Rejoice, Jesus was born)
Elder Hunter

Random questions from a game we are playing that made me think of you

How long can a flea go without eating? The choice of 18 days? 18 weeks? 18 months?

 I dont know how long they can go without eating but they chose to eat me nearly daily. (Im gonna say 18 weeks)  Answer 18 months.

Relative to its size and weight which can jump higher a flea or kangaroo?

A flea jumps higher and you have to kill them with your finger nails because flip flops or your palm do not do the trick. And many times the insect spray also does not seem to work because they hide in your bed and in the floorboards of the house. Answer a flea

I hate fleas.


As a missionary we often would talk about how Missionaries were like the Jedi, it was even brought up in a Zone Conference, one of the Assistants said, “President Wilkey is like Yoda, listen to him”. At lunch, everyone talked about how Missionaries are like Jedi. Here are a few ways that Missionaries are like Jedi.
Belief in a higher an overarching power
The Jedi have the force.
Missionaries have the Spirit.
Dress code
Jedi have a dress code, most of them wear “Jedi robes”.
Missionaries have a dress code and also wear “robes”.
The Jedi receive training at the Jedi Temple.
Missionaries receive training at Mormon Temples.
Jedi when they need insight from the “force” they go meditate in the “meditation room” (in the Jedi Temple).
When Missionaries need insight from the Spirit they Pray, and if they can they go to the Celestial room (in a Mormon Temple).
Jedi have rankings; Youngling, Padawan Apprentice, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Council Member, and Grand Master.
Missionaries have Leadership. Trainee, Jr companion, Sr companion, Trainer, District Leader, Zone Leader, Sister Training Leader and Assistants to the President, and the Mission President.
Trainee (Greenie) = Youngling
Jr companion = Padawan
Sr companion = Jedi Knight
Trainer/District Leader = Jedi Master
Zone Leader/Sister Training Leader and Assistant are all parts of the “Mission Leadership Council” = Jedi Council Members,
Mission President = Grand Master.
A “High Council of 12”
The Jedi have a High Council of 12 members, and is sometimes referred to as the “Jedi Council Quorum”.
Missionaries have a “High Council” that has 12 members, they direct the work, and often referred to as The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
Strict Chastity
Jedi are not allowed to have Sexual relations (Outside of marriage, Married Jedi were allowed).
Missionaries are not allowed to have any romantic relations (Outside of marriage, married missionary aka Sr Couples allowed).
Jedi Padawan’s learn by accompanying a “Jedi master” on “Missions”.
New missionaries (Padawan’s) learn missionary work from their Trainer (Jedi Master), and from “lessons”.
The Jedi are always being attacked by the “dark side”.
Missionaries are always combating the “Anti”.
Armed with an awesome weapon
The Jedi are trained and instructed on how to use a Lightsaber, and they build their own.
Missionaries are trained and bear testimony of “The Book Of Mormon”, and must gain their own testimony.
Loved or Hated
The Jedi were either hailed as heroes, and loved, or as the “enemy” and hated.
Missionaries are either view either as angels and heroes and they are loved. Or they are hated.
Training Center
The Jedi have a Training center inside the Jedi Temple.
Missionaries have Missionary Training Centers (MTC’s) right next to Temples.
Everyone wants to be like them
Little kids always pretend they are Jedi.
Little kids say they want to be a missionary when they grow up.
Jedi were revered as scholars, who studied the past.
Missionaries set aside time every day to study the scriptures, and words of their leaders.

Much appreciated. I needed a dose of Jedi.

 We have several Star Wars Fanatics in our ward and they have been bullying me because they said the new Star Wars Movie is fantastic, by far the best of all the movies thus far. And I won' get to see it for at least another 6 months. For example, my mission leader Javier would start to explain something and then he would say "No, it would be too cruel to spoil it for you." Well, by the time I get home it should be out on DVD and Blueray with all the special features. I guess I will just have to wait for that.

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