Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear family,
It has been a hot week. Lots of sun. And I might have forgotten to put on sunscreen. And my skin might be peeling right now. But that is what happens. Church was a lot better this week and we had a very productive Ward Council. They changed the meeting to be at night and a lot more people showed up. Plus they just called an Elders Quorum President. Now we need to support him so that he doesn't buckle under the pressure. The only investigator at church was Daniela. She enjoys church except for Relief Society because no one really sits by her there. We are working on fixing that situation.

We did not go to Lago Chungara this week because the other elders had to do tramités (legal papers). Next week. We hope. Not sure who all is going at this point.

I have not received any packages nor letters. I don't know what's up. I have a friend in the office now though so I will ask.

As far as the 50th wedding anniversary goes, I think it would be cool trying to recreate one of their favorite memories but doing it with all the new little grandkids that have popped up recently.

This Friday they called to ask me which airport I want to arrive home at. I knew it was coming but I was still surprised. I told them Cedar City or St George. Let me know if I should have said Salt Lake or Las Vegas. I think I can still arrange that. 
I do not think that I will get to meet the new mission president but I also don't know if President Dalton and his wife will be on the same plane home as us. From what I understand, they have to meet the new President and they have about 15 minutes to talk to each other but only about medical needs of missionaries. 

Apparently I look really old and my comp looks really young because last week some kids walked up to us and asked if I was Elder Carter´s Dad... I AIN'T THAT OLD! If they had been members I would have taken it as a joke about my time in the mission but they were just some random kids. Not cool.

Things are going okay here. I am going through a ton of water which is good for my body but bad for the wallet. With my comp, we have found a few things that we don't agree on (mostly sense of humor) but that happens when you put two random people together. We still get along and we are working on strengthening this Ward. There are probably 60 members that we could consider "active" and about 500 people on the list. But a lot of those have moved out of the area as well so I do not know what the real number would be.

Anyway, glad to know that all of you guys are doing fine and are back at the grind. Keep working hard and I will do the same. As they say in the Princess Bride "He is only mostly-dead." 
Take care and God bless. Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Red Neck

Yum!  Taste of home.

Elder Carter, Elder Hunter

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