Monday, January 4, 2016

Dear family,

Elder Carter showed up at 11:30pm Monday Night. We went to bed around 1am. Me and Elder Scott Robert Carter get along very well. He has 5 months in the mission (newby) and this is his second sector. I am his third comp. He likes tennis, music, and pokémon. He is from Sandy, Utah. He has 3 siblings (all married) and one niece. He is 19. His birthday is Sept 11. We have been working hard but when he showed up he had an upset stomach and on the First of January he puked. A lot. Poor guy. He is feeling better now at least.

I thought we were seeing some good progress with our investigators. We only visited some of them this past week because it was kinda crazy with New Years and my comp being sick. The problem is that by the time we got to church on Sunday, we only had an attendance of 39. Only  2 investigators came and they left early. We were missing a lot of people this week. Not how I wanted to start the year. But the only thing left to do is work. We don't have any baptisms planned right now but there is potential. My last baptism was Emmanuel Calle. Emmanuel and Mario were sustained to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday. WOOT! 

I still need to clean up my Christmas stuff and as a whole we have to clean and reorganize the pension. It is always a bit weird to be with a new comp. You have to adapt all over again. But I have lots of experience with adapting at this point. It should be a fun cambio.

I can't believe that Mom is working with the spanish speaking missionaries. That is so cool. Chances are that this Sister Missionary will be gone by the time I get there but I look forward to sharing with that family.

Thanks for the updates and the prayers. A lot of stuff happened in 2015 and there are a lot of things to come now in 2016. May God bless us all and may we be smart enough to accept and recognize those blessings. I love you guys. See ya later.

con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

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