Monday, January 11, 2016

Dear Family,
This was a rough week. Not a lot of lessons and a whole lot of walking in the sun. Elder Carter is feeling better at least. I am doing fine. It turns out that he is a bigger fan of pokemon than me but I have him beat in all the other nerd stuff. We could talk about all the older pokemon games but then he started confusing with the new stuff like mega evolutions. I did not even know what that was.

My comp is a good guy. He actually knows quite a bit about many different sports but he also has a nerdy side. He also really wants to be an obedient missionary which is good. I had gotten lazy on a few things while working with Elder Mariscal. I am still not perfect but thats okay. We believe in repentance and miracles.
 The brother of Elder Carter is an animator named Tyler Carter and he worked on the new Peanuts film as well as Toy Story 3, Epic, Cars 2, Ice Age 4, and a short film called the Dreamgiver. (obviously he has changed company a few times but he does good work) 

This Sunday was better in attendance and we had a suprise investigator show up at church but she was the only one. We need to change tactics. Its like fishing, if one type of bait does not work then you have to try another. Something is sure to attract the fish.

I hope you guys are keeping a list of all the movies and books and things I need to see when I get home. I plan to make an excel page with all the movies, books, games, songs, and shows that I have heard about in order to keep all this organized and check off what things I have already seen. I also think it will be really weird to have all the Young Single Adults at our house... well, easier when the girls come to you right? Haha.  Nah, just kidding. I cant think about that stuff quite yet. But once I get home...

Today we got haircuts and then hiked up to the Morro. On the way up, a member from the South of Chile (dont know where) gave us water and on the way down a different member family from Osorno treated us to icecream. I love meeting members like them. I will have to return the favor once I get home.

Next week we are hoping to go up to Lago Chungara, which is the highest lake with life still in it in the world. It will take 8 hours of driving total but the view is supposed to be fantastic. I plan to write next week but it may be short just because we get back late.

I love you guys. Thanks for everything. I will see you soon. God bless.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Elder Carter

Spider Man


Elder Carter

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