Monday, February 8, 2016

Dear Family,
So I am still in Valle Azapa with Elder Carter and this transfer is special because it will be for 7 weeks. Which means that if there are no special cambios, I will be with Elder Carter for longer than any other comp. The CCM is changing schedules again so now all the mission schedules have to change (as far as I know at least). 

Honestly, the longer that I am in the mission the harder it is to see the little miracles. I know they are there (at least they should be if I really am being an obedient missionary) but at this point I take them for granted. This week Davidson Catalan came home from his mission in Brasil. He has a strong accent and a lot of energy to work. Also this past week we had two intercambios; one I went to the Zone Leaders sector and the other I stayed here in Valle Azapa with Elder Olives (also from Brasil).  We have managed to find some interesting families and we are officially working with the Ward Missionaries. I believe a lot of good things are about to happen here.

I am honestly working to not get trunky. On the one hand, I will soon be home. On the other hand, I have less than 5 months left to serve the Lord full time. I should still be working until I step off the plane in Cedar CIty but it is harder than I thought. I just need to focus on the work more but my thoughts keep being drawn to different things. I fasted this month to have some more self control and more dedication. Now I just need to apply it.

As far as your talk goes, good luck. Try talking about our divine nature as Gods children or how each part of the body fulfils a different role but all are useful and needed.

To end this letter, we attended an Area training to learn the new Area Plan. It will focus on three blessings: Sacrament Meeting, Self Sufficiency, and the Temple. Basic, maybe but super important.

Question, when is Mothers day and Easter this year? The calendars here show all the "Saint" days and "virgen" days but not always the holidays from back home. Anyway, take care and God bless.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

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