Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dear Mom,
I am sure that I had giant grin while we were talking but I was getting mad that the WiFi kept cutting out. I am glad that you and Jake are feeling better now but I am sad that Dad is sick now. Can't you all just stay healthy?

I am glad you enjoyed the Nutcracker. Sounds like a fun trip. I do not remember the Lights at Temple Square but I do remember driving through a park in Grandpa Mellor's van many years ago. There were dinosaurs and a water serpent in a pond. It was the year I received the Tonka Firetruck that transformed into a robot. I remember because while we were driving through the park I pinched my finger with that toy and had a blood blister.

The interviews with President Dalton went well. I also received 6 letters while at the Mission Office. 4 were the letters from Thanksgiving that everyone sent, 1 was the Christmas Letter from the Benson's, and 1 was from Jessica. The other Elders were pretty jealous. Elder DeLaMare received some bad news though. After Christmas his Grandmother on his mom's side died. He was obviously very sad but he did go out to work yesterday. I was impressed.

Tell Sydnie and Mimi hi for me. And what is up with this timing? Jake is too sick to talk with me but he can go play with Riley and Alex and Cooper? 

Please send more pants. I do not know if the glue will come out or not. We ended up not shopping today but I believe next week. (or the next)

It is weird to hear about all these babies because I know that they will be much bigger by the time I see them. Also, I know you guys miss me but you don't have to have your own earthquake just to feel close to me.

The investigators I want to talk about today are Jose, Lidia, and Juan Manuel. Juan is 11 years old and has lived in Bolivia with his Grandma for the past 2 years. Jose and Lidia were in Bolivia for 3 weeks doing paperwork to bring him here. While in Bolivia they visited the Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple. Jose is excited to come back to church and Lidia is motivated as well.

I think that is about it for this week and this year. I am tired of writing so I will wait until 2015 to talk to you guys again. I love you all but that is the way it has to be. Happy New Year! Stay well.
Elder Hunter

Dear Kate,
I have not found something to splurge on yet but I am sure I will. Stay safe in the snow. Benjamin, the Mamita's son that talked with you guys for a second, really loved the snow and thought it was hilarious that mom took a bite out of it. Happy New Years!
Elder Hunter

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Hunter,
I am glad that you enjoyed Christmas. We did not quite have 34 inches of snow but I did eat a lot of barbecue. I will keep working on the language so you can hear my testimony when I get home. I love you guys. Happy New Year!

Elder Hunter

Look what I got!

Letters from home.

Merry Christmas to me
The stockings were hung

  • Felis Navidad

Christmas with Hermana Silvia

Elder Hunter, Elder Riveros, Eldear DeLaMare, Elder Pineda

Christmas gift from Iglesias Family

Zone Conference Christmas Party Gift Exchange

Elder Hunter, Elder Riveros, Hermana Garrison

Elder Hinton, Elder Hunter

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