Monday, December 8, 2014

I did not get to watch the Devotional but there is a rebroadcast down here next Sunday. Maybe I will get the chance then.
This week was actually a little rough. There was progress with the investigators but not a lot of teaching. Fortunately the ward members here are working hard with the investigators as well. I wrote Kaitlin about the baptism but I forgot to say that I had to get in the cold water twice because I forgot to pull the plug the first time. It was cold but good. I did get some pictures. 

Do you know what your next class will be? Were you able to pass this class without my helping you with the computer?

No Christmas miracles yet but there is still time. With some people it is easier to work with them in December because the whole world is a little more spiritual. With other people it is harder because they work more during this month so they can have a good Christmas with lots of presents. That' just how it goes sometimes.

Okay. This week I have my list of things to write. I received the package with all the Christmas decorations but I have some questions (and some bad news). The little presents or toys that are wrapped, who are those for? I have not opened any of them yet. Also, on the 13th of December we have cambios. I already have 4.5 months here so it is possible that I leave. Whether I stay or go is up to the Lord but I can't decorate or anything until I know if I am going to leave or not. I put up some things for now but not all. 

I climbed the hill for the third time today. We went up as a District and we had one member with us. The member is Sebastian, the oldest son of the Cisternas Family. He was having a hard time so I had the chance to help him today like others had helped me in the past. He was sore and tired by the time we finished but he did not puke so I guess he has got me beat. 

Did I leave my temple shoes at home? I could not remember and I was looking through my white clothes this week preparing for the baptism and they were not there. If they are home then don't worry about it. I used my white socks and was just fine. The problem is if I have lost them here. 

Like I said before we have cambios soon. I do not know if I will be here or in a different ward so I cannot make plans yet. The rules for the Skype call (yes it is Skype) are that I can only call my parents (it is fine if others are there), the call cannot last longer than 40 minutes, and my companion has to be in the same room . The thing I wanted to ask you guys to do is send me your contact info for Skype. I think I can use my personal email (brockhunter96) to make a Skype account and contact you on Christmas.

I also wanted to ask if you guys can make a new Facebook account for me. I want to have two accounts. One will be in English (the one I already have) and the other in Spanish. If you can make sure to change the security so that anyone can send me a friend request that would be great.

Love you all. I hope to send pictures a little later. Stay well.
Elder Hunter

I actually looked at my birthday list last Tuesday and saw it was June's birthday... oops. That is what happens when I don't check it on time...

You were right. Some of those dance styles are gibberish to me. I want to do a dance class like that in college when I get home but for now... 

The baptism on Saturday was really good. Mario was 30 minutes late to his own baptism but his girlfriend came from Peru so I will give him a break. The baptism itself was cold. The water heater is broken or something. I was really nervous on Saturday. When I really felt the spirit was during Mario's confirmation the next day. I had the opportunity to be part of the circle and I actually felt a calming spirit enter the room.

I don't think Lane works down here in Chile. It is a little far for him to travel each night. Maybe I have a different Elf watching out for me.

Love ya sis and good luck with everything. Elder Hunter

I am glad Lane has come back. You need to be sure that you are REALLY good this month okay?

The camels were headed to the circus. I did receive the package. I will talk to Mom about that a little later. Being the man of the house is a big job but I know you can do it. I have met a lot of 9 and 10 year olds and I always think you could be good friends with them.

I hope you have a white Christmas (mine will probably be brown and sandy). Love you buddy. Elder Hunter

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