Monday, December 22, 2014

There is a three hour difference between here and there I believe. I will call around 5 or 6 here so it should be around 2 or 3 there. We will be calling from the house of the mamita for food. I do not have a phone number but I think if there are a lot of issues I am allowed to email you. I think... Lets just pray there will not be issues. I am only allowed 40 minutes to talk. If you have questions in mind or topics you want to talk about then I think we can use this time effectively. The rule is 40 minutes because 3 years ago an elder talked for 16 hours... about what I do not know.

Nobody in the pension was transferred but Elder Wooten left the district so now I am the last from my original district. The picture in the bus station is with me and Elder Wooten. The tree with the nativity is the house of Mamita Estrella. She set it up after we cleared out the staircase that was there. The board game is called Attaque and is just like Risk. We played it the Pday before Elder Wooten left because he was dying of boredom without soccer. We only played it one time. There are six elders in our district and the picture had the zone leaders as well. Elder Antonio is from Mexico and is the district leader. His new companion is Elder Rivera from Peru. Elder Rivera is the hijito of Elder Pineda. The zone leaders were Elder Mendez and Elder Cacerés. (not sure if I spelled Cacerés correctly...) The zone leaders changed this cambio and I only know one of them so far. More details about them later. The hill is the hill with Cristo Vive written on the side. More than that I do not know. I am in charge of setting up the coals for the grill but the man in charge of the meat is Elder Riveros. We are only allowed to play games like the marshmallow guns on Pday. I think we will be playing the games later today.

Thanks for the Christmas stories. I almost cried reading a few of them. I still have 3 more to read. Who chose what stories to send?

Lidia has been in Bolivia for the past two weeks doing paperwork so her son can come here to Chile. Militza left Sunday to visit Peru and will not be back until February. Maria has been steadily progressing but lacks her own testimony that this is the restored church of Christ. She knows it is a good church but lacks that answer. We are also working with a new couple. Their names are Denise and Jimmy. They have A LOT  of tattoos but are genuinely interested in the gospel. They are going through a hard time right now because Jimmy has a lung infection that prevents him from working. More details about them to come.

Mario was officially ordained a Priest on Wednesday and he blessed the Sacrament on Sunday. He will spend Christmas in Tagna, Peru with Beatrice (Betty) but will be here working for New Years. Elder Riveros broke his camera this week. And then trying to fix his camera he ended up destroying it. He wants to buy a new one today. Elder Pineda was sick this week and he had a fever of 105 on Sunday. I hope he will be well for Christmas. On Saturday we did an activity as a District. We made brownies and handed out samples with the recipe. The recipe was written on the back of an invitation to a Christmas Devotional the Stake was doing that night. We also had cards for Él es la Dádiva (He is the Gift), Regocijaos Jesus Nació (Rejoice Jesus was Born), and we handed out those big pictures of Jesus that you guys sent. I got sunburned during the activity because I forgot to put on sunscreen that morning but the activity was a success. We got a lot of references this way. 
The last thing is a member in the ward wants an authentic American Waffle Recipe. Do we have one?

It is good to hear that life goes on at home, though smoke damage is unfortunate. Tell the Bishop thanks for me.
I love you both and tell everyone else that I love them too. Talk to you soon.
Elder Brock Hunter

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Hunter, 
I have not received your Christmas card yet but I will get mail on Wednesday so I will let you know next week if I received it.  I have played for meetings with the missionaries but not with the ward.

There are a lot of areas I could be sent to. There are 13 Zones in our mission. Each zone has between 12 and 30 missionaries depending on the size of the city and the size of the wards or branches. Each sector has only 2 missionaries but there can be up to 6 missionaries in a single ward. It takes 24 hours to travel in bus from one end of the mission to the other. I hope that answered your question.

That is terrible that someone keeps vandalizing your lights. Some people become more spiritual and a little nicer during this time of the year but others just want to make everyone else miserable.

I hope you enjoy the Christmas Eve Party at Val's. I will have a Christmas Eve party with the President of the Mission. Our zone conference is on December 24 and it should be lots of fun. We will be doing a gift exchange. Everyone was given 4 dollars to buy a gift.

Thank you for the cash. I think I will pull some money off my card today. Thank you for everything. Enjoy this holiday season. I love you both.
Elder Hunter

Christmas in the Pension

Christmas Party at the Plaza

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