Monday, December 15, 2014

So first things first. I was not transfered. I will be in Bolivar for 6 months. 6 months is a long time to be in one sector but I am glad that I will spend Christmas with people I know. This transfer ends the 25th of January. I will set up the other stuff now that I am sure that I will stay here. Thanks again for such a great gift.

Congratulations to Jason and Courtney. Do you know what date he leaves for the MTC? 

I still do not know details about the call. I think we will do it in the house of Mamita Estrella but I am not sure. I will ask the other Elders about how this all works.

Today for sure I will send pics. 

I love you all. Stay well. Enjoy this festive season. 
Elder Hunter

On the first day of Christmas my Great Aunt gave to me... a dollar made out of dimes. (you have to sing this)

Love ya bud. My Christmas will not be white but I might get to eat a barbaque so it works out.
The language is coming. Slowly but surely.
Stay awesome. Elder Hunter

Stay well. Work hard. Enjoy the season.
I wrote a paper letter to send home... about three months ago. And then I never sent it... so yeah. It is hard to remember to send a letter. Plus I still dont know how things work here with the mail system. I love all of you at home dearly but I honestly dont know when I will send things home (presents or letters or whatever). 

Sorry... I will send pics. Elder Hunter

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