Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey Family,

I am doing fine though I could not sleep last night because it was too hot. I do not understand but right when we enter August, which is supposed to be the coldest month in Chile, we have hotter weather. Go figure. My companion is also doing well although some bloody chicken he ate is not agreeing with his stomach. The investigators are doing better. We actually had two investigators in church this Sunday. Jackeline Vega showed up before we did and Luis showed up out of NOWHERE. Unfortunately the attendance was not as good as it could have been but it was great to see investigators and even some less active families in attendance.
I am playing the piano in Sacrament Meeting but the members here are not very used to it. Many still sing at a different speed than I am playing but the son of our Ward Mission Leader is learning to play simplified Hymns so he should be able to take over when I leave. I do not get to pick the songs but so far I have been able to play everything even if it is only the top notes of the right hand :P
I look forward to attending the Temple more. I know that the Cedar City Temple will not be ready for a few years but I am so excited that the Groundbreaking Ceremony is this Saturday. I wish I could be there too but I guess I will just have to go attend the Open House.
Everyone seems to be getting injured or sick recently. I dont know if it happened this often when I was back home and I just did not notice or if this has just been a very accidental year. Either way, take care and be safe.
This week we focused on talking to everyone and always asking for references. We actually were able to get quite a few references but we have not been able to contact many of them. This next week we are hoping to have many new investigators.
I found a random Pendrive in the street the other day. It is only 4 gig but since there is very little hope of finding the original owner, it is now my music drive. Can't complain. Now I can't really think of much else to say so I will just offer a few ideas for videos you can go look up (the missionaries who will read this email are not able to look up these videos at this time. sorry guys). Pollito Pio-Official Video and Have I Done Any Good by Alex Boye.

and before I forget, I will not be writing next Monday. We have interviews so I will write you all on Tuesday. Or if I get sent home I will see you all on Wednesday. Either way.
Take care. Love you all, Elder Hunter


You are staying busy but be sure to prioritize. Some things are good, others are better, and still others are best. Decide which is most important.

The last 3 days have actually been hot. I am pretty sure that I got sunburned. Gosh dang Chilean weather is almost as bi-polar as Cedar City weather. I do not know if the weather change will wig me out when I get home. I just hope all my winter clothes still fit.
The language is doing fine at this point. There are still words, and even a few conversations, that I do not understand but for the most part I can talk with anyone about anything basic.
And if you thought I was dorky before then just wait. I am sure my awkwardness level will be off the charts by the time I get home.

Love you sis. God bless. Elder Hunter

The activity went fairly well. Everyone said they enjoyed it, though for some reason I became the target of several paper airplanes. It started slow, but by the end we had about 40 people in attendance. Then of course it was the missionaries who stayed behind to clean up but hey. I am just glad to help. I do wish though that more of the people who came to the activity had also gone to church on sunday.
Happy Birthday Old I mean Dad! I know it will be pretty busy but I hope you can enjoy it. I am rather impressed that you have 4 sports going at once but the next time Jake fights you about practicing, hit him over the head for me and say "Elder Hunter says you need to practice so you dont mess up the Hymns like he does." Also, very few people in Chile use walkers but I have seen many people who use 2 canes. I dont know if that would help you be more mobile or not :P
Thanks for you support and love Dad. It is appreciated

Grandma & Grandpa,

Thank you for the update and the article by President Uchtdorf. We have not recieved the Liahona for August yet so I do not know if that article is in there or not. I hope you can enjoy your warm weather and I hope the garden does better than expected. Love you, Elder Hunter

First the 1 year in-mission goals:
1 Be better about exercise
2 Eat Healthier
3 Learn to stay positive
4 Read all the scriptures in English
5 Read all the scriptures in Spanish
6 Write more spiritual experiences in letters home
7 Stay consistent in Journal writing (every day so far!)
8 Be an obedient missionary
9 Endure to the End
10 Save more souls
Now the after-mission goals:
1 Find eternal companion/ marry her/ never let her go
2 Work hard and honestly
3 Finish formal schooling
4 Continue learning always
5 Create personal library
6 Create a budget and stick to it
7 Stay in contact with people from mission
8 Teach by example
9 Go on a temple tour (first utah, then the west or historical sites, then the rest of the US, ect)
10 Endure to the End
So that is what I am working on. Do you have any goals you are currently working on? If yes, then just be sure to write them down and work to reach them. If no, then make some. Love y´all. Take care now. (sorry, I am with a Texan)

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