Monday, August 17, 2015

The problem with changing missionary apartments is that the Mission Office has to approve everything. They need to have photos, contact information, and house dimensions. We have found one house so far that might be an option as well as five other rental fliers that were outdated (the houses were rented weeks or even months ago). The missionaries have wanted to change houses for a while now but with the flooding in our kitchen we finally recieved official permission to change. The office wants at least 3 options before they make a decision. The flea situation is varying. I thought I had killed all the fleas but then I got bit 3 times last night. I bought some Raid at the store today. I plan to fumigate the house. I hate fleas. I think that I hate them even more than mosquitoes.
The splits we did with the members on Wednesday actually worked very well. The four of us were able to visit families with a member of the ward. I visited two less active families, Elder Holloway visited an investigator who is married to a less active member, Elder Malan visited an investigator, and Elder Spanbauer visited a new investigator family in their sector. We did have interviews with President Dalton but he did not bring any packages or mail with him. He came down here earlier than planned because they found fossils on the premise of a church building in Huasco. Kinda complicated. Plus at that same time he was trying to organize church efforts to go help people in Tocapilla after they got flooded. I will let you know when I recieve mail.
It kinda freaks me out that you guys are starting a SECOND school year while I am in Chile. Hopefully you can get everything ready in time but I am sure that you will be able to handle it. Did you get a new calling yet or just get released as the Young Womens President? And HOW IN THE WORLD DID BLAKE LOSE 40 POUNDS? I did not think he had 40 pounds to lose! I think I have gained 10 or 15 pounds and that is because they eat a lot of bread here. At least he is happy.
We did manage to teach a new family this week and they are very interested in learning more. The only thing is that they are only able to share on Saturdays... but slow progress is still progress. In other news, our landlord´s dog was poisoned yesterday. Someone has been putting out poison to kill the cats and dogs in the streets and the poor pup got into it.  I do not know what else to write... so I think I will call it a day.

I forgot to mention an activity that we went to on Friday. The ward in Centro hosted an activity called "La Dulce Historia de la Iglesia en Chile. They had three categories: old things, old things from the church, and desserts. They also had a local sculptor/artist come and show off some of his work. He is not a member of the church but he liked the idea of showing off his work. He actually lives in our sector so we will be passing by to share with him later. He made paintings showing off some of the local legends from the North of Chile. The best "cosa antigua" was a collection of small taxis from around the world; the best "cosa antigua de la Iglesia" were old tapes that were used for Family Home Evening; and the best "postre" was a dessert with coconut, chocolate, and strawberry. 

I love you guys and I want you to know that you are all in my prayers everyday. God bless.
Con mucho amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Senior year will just fly by. Be prepared. Dont waste it.
There is Basico (elementary and middle school) and Medio (Highschool). Sometimes they call it Collegio or Liceo as well. They normally get a summer break and winter break with other holidays off, just like us, but recently the teachers were boycotting for a month and a half and now they have to make up all their lost time. Some schools are staying in class for longer hours and some are even going to class on Saturday. Normally in Chile the students get 1 hour to go home and eat lunch and get back to class.
There are about 60 active people in our Branch but we have an average attendance of about 40. That means that 20 people come every week, 20 people come weeks 1 and 3, and 20 people come weeks 2 and 4. There are probably 12 kids that are primary age that are active.
We try to mix up the things we do on Pday. Sometimes we just shop, sometimes we explore, sometimes we play, sometimes we cut our hair, sometimes we have to clean the house, it just depends. I have done a lot of service cleaning up places, painting, small building projects, and during the rain we made care packages.
There are a lot of wild dogs in all of Chile but yes we also have wild cats here. I do not know what other weird things I might have eaten. There are some different types of food here and some of it I love and some of it I have to swallow down and try not to puke. It all depends. Anyway, take care and good luck.
Love ya sis, Elder Hunter

Dear Grandpa and Grandma Hunter,
The District here in Vallenar has a goal to read the Book of Mormon two times this year. They finished once already and recently started again. It can be hard but the important thing is to be consistent.
I hope that the garden will start doing better. Some plants here have bloomed early and then got killed by the cold. The climate here changed after the big earthquake here in Chile in 2010.
I love you guys and I appreciate all of your prayers and support. Take care and know that I pray for you every day too.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

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