Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Well, the good news is that they are not sending me home just yet. The interview this time was actually very spiritually enlightening for me. Now I just have to apply the things that I learned so that we can see more baptisms here.

We did get rained on here but it was not nearly as devastating as it was up north. We just could not work very much because of the rain. This time it was a city called Tocapilla that got hit badly.  Can you check if the Atacama Desert is still the most arid in the world because it rained again. And it rained a lot. At least for this year I do not believe it will be the most arid because you guys are lacking water up there in Utah. I hope that everything will work out as far as that goes.

This week we really did talk to a lot of people and we found some new people to visit but we have not had the chance to teach them yet. This week we are planning to do splits with a few of the local members and visit a lot of families all at once. We want to motivate the less active members to come back and invite the investigators to come experience what it is like in the Church of Jesus Christ. 

I am glad that Grandpa Mellor is doing better and I am a bit jealous that you guys were able to see the Cunninghams. Hopefully they will come up to visit again when I get home. I am also jealous that you guys have gone to the temple so often, though I am weirded out that Brennen is getting married. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that people I graduated with are getting married.

Here in Chile they were boycotting the schools because the teachers did not want their wages lowered and now that they are starting to go back to school it rained hard and the schools got flooded. Yesterday they did not have classes but today they should be going back. It is so weird that you guys are starting your school year again. And I understand how Jake feels. Sorry Mom, he probably gets that from me (although Dad is not too crazy about shopping for school stuff either).

Thanks for the souvenier. (rock from the Cedar City Temple Site). Try to take pics as they start building please. I know they won't finish before I get home but I would love to see how it progresses. Soon enough we will have a temple right there in Cedar City so it won't be so hard to attend several times a week. Jake will be a Deacon by the time it is completed so we can go in as a family. Mom did send pics, so did Kaitlin, and it is on the Church News. I could not be there to see it but I know that the spirit there must have been strong because I felt the spirit just looking at the photos! Plus I just found out that they announced the Groundbreaking for the second temple here in Chile too! Temples all around!!!

Two weeks ago I saw a video that was fantastic. It is called "The Atonement and Missionary Work". It has President Eyering and Elder Holland talking. It is powerful and though it mostly involves Missionaries, I believe you could get something out of it as well.

I recently inherited a lot of ties among other things because several missionaries have been ending their missions here. Which means I once again have very little space in my bags... which means I may need to send another package home sooner than I thought. I already have Jake and Kate´s second gifts bought but I do not know what to buy you and Dad... we shall see if I can find anything today.

Some randoms facts for the week; last week I ate grilled cow heart and last night I ate barbaque chicken. It has been a good week for "asados". The fleas must think so too because they started biting me after I got sunburned. Hopefully I have already killed them all but only after they chewed up my leg. During the rainstorm we were fine but our kitchen did get flooded. We are starting to look for a new house to live in (which means I get to move again!).

I can't think of anything else so I just hope that you all manage to enjoy what little remains of your summer vacation and that God will help you in all your righteous efforts. Take care and know that I love you all.

Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Soccer Captain huh. Dang girl. Chilenismos! (Dude, great, fantastic)The Chileans are always impressed when I say my sister likes to play soccer. I wonder what they will say when I tell them that you are a captain for your team! Be sure to take a picture of the sport poster.

The week was very interesting. We talked to people in the street for over half an hour and they are happy to talk with us but then when we ask for their address to pass by later they say they are not interested. If you are not interested then why have we been talking for over half an hour?! Oh well, people are funny like that. We have found a few new people to teach recently but then we can't seem to find them for the second lesson. We gotta work on that. The investigators that we had are still there just chugging along but we hope to see more progress soon. We plan to work a lot more with the Branch Leaders.

So far no one in Vallenar has cut my hair. I borrowed one of those buzzer things and cut my own. I put my hair over to the side now because it looks more "proffessional" but I do like it when everything is short and I do not have to worry about it.

Mom should have a link to see the pics I have so ask her. Take care sis. I sent you a letter today so now we will see how long it takes for you to get it. Love ya.
Elder Brock Hunter

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