Monday, August 24, 2015

We had a really good week this week. We had more lessons with investigators and we also found a few new ones. We have seen more progress in working with the Branch Council as well. The miracle of the week would have to be the fact that we got into several houses of less active members for the first time this week. I do not know what it is that changed but a lot more people became more receptive.

According to Elder Holloway, I was with him to learn patience. I think he has learned to love the people more (it also helps that he speaks spanish a lot better now than when I first met him). Elder Holloway actually went to Antofagasta on cambios this morning. I will have a latin comp but I still dont know him.  So far my companions have been Dad, Elder Hinton, Elder Stratford, Elder Riveros, Elder Ortega, Elder Plowman, Elder Holloway, and now Elder Acosta as my companions. Mostly good experiences, a few bad ones, and even a few "stress emergencies" but hey.

A few more flea bites but I think I got them (of course I said that last time). I have seen them before but mostly I just see the bites. I fumigated. Still looking for a new house.

Good luck with this school year. I imagine that everyone has a lot of homework but just stay on top of it. It is much easier to stay on top than it is to scramble up from the bottom. Tell Dad to delegate to and trust in the leaders of the Auxilary Organizations. He is in charge of a Young Adult Ward,so things are a bit different, but the Lord called him to serve there because he is needed and he is able.
The weather here has been bi-polar and we had a small earthquake last night but we are fine.
I have less time to write today because of Cambios but I wanted to let you guys know that I love you and I pray for you always. Take care and God bless.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

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