Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dear Family,
I sleep without sheets and I have a fan going all night but I still sweat. I wish I could escape the heat at least to sleep but oh well. This week was a roller coaster. We had some great days and some days where we just walked in the sun but if the Lord`s work is moving along then I am happy. I would like to spend less time in the sun though.

The training with Elder Bednar was with all the missionaries from Area South America South. Turns out that he is really a funny guy. He spoke in Spanglish for part of his talk but it wasnt really a talk. It was more of a group discussion. People asked questions and he answered as well as several other general authorities. It was a good experience. My comp says that from a profile view I look like a younger Elder Bednar. I don't see it.

We shared with several part member and less active families this week. We also had intercambios with the Zone Leaders. I was back with Elder Hinton for a day. It was interesting to see how things have changed and also see what things are still the same. That may well have been my favorite intercambio of the mission. I was over in their sector and talking to Elder Hinton really helped me relax and get focused. He is a great guy.

Some of our investigators disappeared this last week... we are working to find them when classes start this week. Daniel is still reading and he is progressing well. But he likes soccer even more than the gospel so he still has not made it to church... but he has a lot of potential.

The Chilean school year will start on Thursday. They are changing grade levels right now. Now the excuses change from "We are going to the beach" to "We have to do our homework"... but at least everyone will be in town. That helps.

So I don't know how many times I will have to say this but next week we are going to Lago Chungara. It rained this week in the dryest city on earth... and the roads up to the lake seem to be closed so we will go next week. I hope. Today I chose to be lazy and take a nap. Then we went up to Centro to a fería and I bought a tiki thing called "Indio Pícaro" and a Chess set. I also tried the new card today and it worked. Thanks for sending it.

Tell Aunt Sharon I will be praying for her and tell Kate and Jake good luck. Love you guys. Talk to you later.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

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