Monday, March 9, 2015

Hermano Tello is officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. He said that after his baptism he slept without any pain. The baptism of the sisters did not happen this weekend. Sadly, very few people came to attend the baptism but what is really important is that the spirit was there. Hector Javier Cortes Tello was smiling when he came up out of the water. It was great to see. Three less active members and two investigators were there and I know that the spirit impacted them as well.

Good luck to you guys with the Trek. Sometimes a group of five youth only needs one adult to supervise. Then a different group of five youth needs seven adults to supervise. I am sure you will figure it all out. And congratulations to Jana Fowler on the new addition to the family.

They DID have Daylight Saving Time but this year the President of Chile said no. I am not sure how this will work out. We are not supposed to take naps but sometimes when you are really tired... and it is really hot... and it is study time and you are in one of those genealogy parts of the scriptures where it just has a lot of names...

You guys are staying busy in everything. School, church, work, and sports. Life is better when you are more involved in things like that. You make better memories. You learn more. You bless more lives. Of course there has to be a little personal time or some time to relax but God did not give us life so that we could do nothing. We have to be active.

Last night we had a Ward Fireside about Missionary Work. Alex Cubillos and his friend Juan were both set apart last night. As future and current missionaries we bore our testimonies about the importance of the Work of the Lord. They also had several parents of Missionaries bear their testimonies. They read one of the Call Letters so that the investigators and family members that are not members of the church could understand a little better WHY we serve. Fernando Jr, our new Mission Leader and recently returned missionary, was not able to attend. He is on vacation with his family. But still, it was a very successful activity. This morningat 9 30 Alex and Juan left for the CCM in Peru. 

We had a "special" cambio this weekend. The Sister Missionaries are leaving the Ward and Elder Ortega is also leaving. Sister Sotec and Sister Simmerman will remain together with the addition of a third companion. They will still be in Copiapo but in another Ward in the other Zone. Elder Ortega is headed up to Arica as a Zone Leader. In the Ward of Los Minerales there is now only 2 Elders. Elder Plowman is my new companion but he does not arrive until tomorrow morning. We took over the sector and the investigators of the Sisters. I will be CompaƱero Mayor (Senior Companion) this transfer. We have a lot of work ahead of us but I know that the Lord has placed us in this situation for a reason. There are people prepared to learn about the gospel and be baptized. There are also inactive and less active members who just need a little help to be able to return to the church. We need to do our part and I know the Lord will bless us.

For today I will stay with the District Leader and tomorrow we will pick up my new companion. I love you guys and I am praying for you. Stay well and God Bless.
Elder Brock Hunter

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