Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I missed out on the greatest pi day ever! In latin culture they put the day first. So it was 14-3-15. Dang it, what kind of nerd am I if I forgot about pi day?
The dessert here depends on the person. It can be icecream, cookies, pie, cake, fruit with cream, jello, flan, leche asado, ect.
Every family has their own traditions. Of course there are holidays that only apply here in chile but I could not tell you what they all are. They have a tradition of taking a bite out of the birthday cake. 

A lot of walking this past week because the Sisters left us with their appointments as well as our own. This week we can choose who we want to visit a little better. We have a lot of people we need to get to know.

Of the investigators from the sisters: several were not home, one refused to let us enter, one told us she is atheist, one tried to hide when we knocked on the door, and one was actually receptive. We shall see what happens. We have a lot of work to do and a lot more people we need to visit.

I am supposed to lead the companionship. We are a team, we work together, but it is my job to use my experience to help my companion. Elder Plowman is from Logan. He is the first missionary because his two older sisters are already married. He played lacross and hockey in High School. He has one cambio less than me, that is to say he has 6 weeks less. He entered the CCM when I entered Chile. We get along great. We talk about all kinds of things. Stuff from home, missionary stories, what we want to do after the mission, ect. I am the better cook so far. We shall see.

For now it is still hot but we are getting a little more wind. So that helps.

That is so cool that you got to see so many old friends. I nearly went into shock when I saw the chistmas cards. I still see Bert in my mind when he was a little kid. And to hear that now he has recieved his mission call! You are still young mom but I feel old.

Yesterday we had Zone Conference so I was not able to write. We have our Pday today instead. I feel this next transfer could be a turning point for my mission. I was excited to be Senior Companion but then I heard that 9 people from my group are going to be trainers this transfer and 3 of them will also be District Leaders. I felt a little down because I thought the Lord has more trust in them. He does not think I am ready. Then I realized something. It doesn´t matter. I have a different role to play. Not a less important role, just different. The fact that we are now in charge of an entire Ward shows that the Lord does have faith in me. The problem was that I needed more faith in him. Elder Plowman and I are already finding new people to teach and if we have faith and work hard the Lord will bless us with even more success and opportunities.

The Church is doing a new program for Easter. It is called Because He Lives. It involves a video and advertisements just like He is the Gift. The video is not quite out yet but I invite you guys to watch the video, share it on Facebook, show it to all your friends, and remember why we have Easter. I look forward to General Conference too. General Conference is like vacation for missionaries.

This past Sunday we had Stake Conference and we had to walk 40 minutes to get to the Stake Center. In a suit. It was hot. But more important than that is that we found a less active member while we were walking home. He said that he had just lost his job and wanted a priesthood blessing. He wanted to come back to church and he wanted his wife and kids to be baptized. WELL, we can help with that. He lived in the area of the Zone Leaders so we gave them a call and sent them to his house. I dont know what happened with that but it shows that the Lord is always working. Sometimes we dont recognize it or we are working towards one goal and the Lord has another thing in mind. In the end the Work goes on and we recieve the blessing of being instruments in the hands of God.

I dont know what else to say this week so I will talk to you guys later. I love you. Thanks for the packages. I got the pants and the birthday balloons. Thank you so much. The ink and sharpie got everywhere but I could still read all the messages. They are the messiest and most amazing birthday balloons I have ever recieved. I also love the CD, the birthday card, and the ties. We will not decorate the apartment just yet but maybe later. 
Elder Brock Hunter

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