Monday, March 23, 2015

Joseph Smith said that Temple Work and Missionary Work are the most important things we can do. They are the same work for different people. We have to do our part to help this work progress.

I remember when it was only 75 degrees outside... those were good times.

Elder Plowman does not know if his mom is on Missionary Moms or not. The pants fit great (when I use a belt but I have to use a belt anyway so...)

I did not sleep very well last night so my mind is a bit cloudy at the moment. I cannot think of what to write... yesterday an investigator showed up at the Chapel after all the meetings were over in order to give us a lemon pie. THAT was probably the weirdest thing that happened this past week. We have been working hard trying to visit people but they are not home or are too busy to share. Then, miraculously we find new investigators by talking to random people in the street. "Do you know what time your neighbour gets home?" "No, I dont. But my sister is a mormon and she is visiting right now. Why dont you come in and teach my grandkids." "Okay, we can help you with that."

Weird stuff happens in the mission sometimes but that is okay with me. I get to help people and I have cool stories to tell afterwards. Dont know if I will remember them all but I try to write down what I can in my journal.

I am sorry to say that the MP3 you guys sent has died. That is to say that it has a virus and deleted all the songs and now it wont connect to the computer. Fun stuff. I think I will start looking for a new cheap MP3 after I finish writing everyone. Or maybe a different type of speaker so I can use a pendrive. Thanks for the CD of the Redeemer. Good stuff. I can listen to it right now on the computer.

The night before Elder Plowman arrived I had to stay with the District Leader and his companion in their apartment. There was no extra bed so I got the couch. I think I can understand just how comfortable your hotel was. But did you get bit by fleas? Because I did. I had been flea free here in Copiapo until I slept on that couch. It sucked and I still itch.

Thanks for telling me the advice of those missionaries. I love talking to recently returned missionaries here. I love hearing how the missions are different or similar. One returned missionary was serving in Provo, Utah. He got home one month ago. He talked about gravy and fry sauce and how the cultures are different. He speaks english very well now. We ran into him today and he bought us lunch (another reason to love returned missionaries).

This week was hot and we walked a lot more than I would have liked. The combining of the two sectors has made it a bit harder to plan but we are getting used to it. Pray that the investigators can go to General Conference. Seeing the living prophet can have a big effect on investigators and less active members. They start to realize what really matters.

In the mission Chile Antofagasta we normally watch General Conference at the closest Stake Center and there is normally a "Gringo Room" where the english speaking missionaries can watch it in their native language. We just recieved 8 Brazilian Missionaries in the mission and I do not know if they will watch Conference in Spanish or Portuguese. We will likely go watch the talks in spanish with the members if there is another native spanish speaker. The members here normally cannot watch conference in their homes so they all go to the Stake Center. Some watch Conference on the internet afterwards but it can be hard to get a good connection when the sessions are "live". 

Love ya Take care.
Love Elder Hunter

Random Face on a Cactus


Emanuel Nunez, a teacher in our ward.
He did kickboxing and now regular boxing.

Lots of rabbits and gerbils

Familia Sapiain

Baptism of Hermano Hector Cortez (Tello)

Owner of the house of Francisca and Tello

Fireside  about missionary work

Last day of Elder Ortega

Chapel of Jotabeche

Peace Statue

Chilean Flag

Water Fountains


Giant Cactus

Lemon Pie

Ice Cream
(I am not starving here - don't worry)

Old Train Station


Hermano Esteban Rojas,
recenlty returned from his mission in Provo, Utah

Esteban Rojas' s friends daughter

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