Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 27, 2015
We recieved permission from President Dalton to write home today. I do not know if you guys have heard about the situation here in the North of Chile but we are currently in a state of emergency. It rained and the people here are not prepared in the least. The streets have become rivers in some parts.
We are up on the hill so we are fine. It is the parts at the bottom of the valley that were most affected. Our chapel is going to be a refuge for people in other wards who were affected by the flooding. They are even bringing people from other towns.
I have access to food, water, electricity, and good shelter so do not worry about me. The only problem I have had the past few days is boredom from being stuck in the pension. We have done service where we could but most of the time we were confined to the pension. I will give more details the next time I can write but I just wanted you guys to know that I am fine. As far as I know all the missionaries here are safe.
I love you all. Do not worry because God is protecting his missionaries.
Take care. Elder Brock Hunter

Pictures from internet of Copiapo

Flood rescue in Copiapo

The military has been deployed to Copiapo to help with the emergency

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