Monday, March 30, 2015

To answer your question, some streets are open. The streets in Centro are still covered in mud up to the knees. There were plans to bring several families from Paipote, a pueblo about a half hour from here, but the families were determined to stay with their houses. We ended up gathering and sending supplies up there. We had one family that stayed in the chapel through the night and several that stayed there during the daytime hours. At night there was usually 12 people or so because it was a large family and the Bishop or Elders Quorum President was always there as well. Sometimes with their families.

I am up on the hill. We had a few drops of water in the house and that was the sum total of the damage we had. I am fine and I dont even have clothes with mud on them yet. We have done a bit of service but currently we are waiting for a truck with supplies to arrive from Santiago. When that truck gets here, all the missionaries of Copiapo will go out to do service together. In the meantime we are under the direction of our Bishops to do service in the ward. So far, very little has actually happened in our ward (which is a good thing) but that means we are under orders to stay in the pension. Even the family that was in the Church has moved back into their house so yeah. We are just waiting for the opportunity to help.

I will probably ruin my clothes when we finally get to work doing service as a stake but helping those families is much more important than some clothes. I may take out some cash to buy new jeans and new sports shoes when all this is finally over but for now I have money so thank you for your concern. 

The missionaries have a habit of buying food week by week becuase they never know when they will be transfered. I have a habit of buying in bulk when I buy eggs, bread, toilet paper, cheese, ect because it is cheaper to buy in bulk. In other words, although some food manages to sit on the shelves for several transfers gathering mold, the majority of the food is bought week by week. I buy in bulk because I always make sure I have a reserve fund so it does not matter if I get randomly transfered right after I buy stuff.

I hope you enjoy Sea World. I dont think our family has been to Sea World since we had the family reunion in California and Dennis got splashed by Shamu. I still remember the whale toy we bought when we went there. I believe that toy is in the wardrobe that I keep my books in, on the first or second shelf from the top. Be sure to take pictures of your trip. (not of the boring seminar part though).

It sounds like everyone has stayed very busy. I can hardly believe that you guys are getting ready for Spring Break. That blows my mind. The time has passed so quickly. March has literally blown by. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GRANDPA HUNTER AND AUNT LAURI. I still can not believe that April is already upon us. Soon it will be Easter Sunday. I will be spending my "Semana Santa" doing service. What about you guys? 

I hope everyone is ready for General Conference. The Stake Center is currently covered in mud so we may not get to watch conference. On the other hand, General Conference is one of the best times of the year for a missionary so we will all be working hard to clean everything up so that we can hear what counsel our leaders have for us. This past Sunday there were zero meetings in any of the church buildings. All of the families were given permission by the Bishop to have the Family Patriarch prepare and bless the sacrament. The missionaries, along with several other priesthood holders, visited all the families that do not have worthy priesthood holders in their homes so that they too could benefit from the blessing of the "Santa Cena".

I am glad that Grandma Hunter is steadily recovering. I hope that her health can continue to improve and I hope Grandpa Hunter can manage to get ahead of the weeds.

I love you all. Take care. Keep those prayers coming and I will be praying for you as well.
Elder Brock Hunter

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